Symptoms Of Poor WiFi

The wifi guys

Do you suffer with slow, frustrating wifi service?

  • Are your kids complaining that their games lag or the internet is too slow?
  • Are there areas of your home that just don't get a signal at all?
  • Does streaming video like YouTube™ stop, stutter and buffer?
  • Do you find your tablet, laptop or smartphone keeps losing its signal?
  • Would you enjoy wifi in the yard, your garage or by the pool?
  • Want to upload/download work documents and data with less hassle?

The Benefits of Great WiFi

the wifi guys

Here's what The WiFi Guys can do for you:

  • Your family will enjoy a faster, more reliable internet service.
  • Experience better gaming and a higher quality of service.
  • Send/receive work documents/email attachments faster and more reliably.
  • Stay connected in every corner of the house, yard or outbuildings.
  • We'll reduce or eliminate those wifi "dead spots" that drive you crazy.
  • We'll help you be more productive and have more fun.
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